Tricks for Good Cam Sites with Bad Audio

“Audio is an imperative element in camming”

Although video is only part of the package when it comes to finding the perfect cam site, it remains the greatest focus not only in reviews, but in the eyes of the people running the sites as well. Audio has been and will always continue to be a distant second. On amateur sites, for example, they mostly use whatever microphone came with the camera or computer as the case may be. Even for the more professional ones, however, it is far more likely that they will upgrade their sound equipment last if they upgrade them at all. This makes sense from a purely business perspective: people are there to watch their performers, after all, not just listen to them.

What few people realize, however, is just how much of an effect good audio can have on any video experience, live sex cams included! While a few of the top MILF cam sites make the effort to have their audio up to par with their video, it remains something of a struggle to deal with an experience that would otherwise be awesome ending up rather disappointing due to background noise, feedback, or echoes. There are, however, some tricks that can help you fix various common audio problems that can occur as errors in the stream, or to correct the source audio itself.

Checking Your Drivers & Codecs

“Look for the right audio drivers and codecs”

The very first thing you always need to do when it comes to messing with something on the computer is make sure everything related to it is up to date. Well, really, you always want everything up to date period, but there is a little wiggle room if you know you have to wait for the next update on something. It happens. Whatever the case, however, it is important to understand that there is a difference between the source being messed up and the sound being played back by your computer incorrectly. The only way you are going to fix the latter is to make sure you have the correct drivers and codecs in place and that they are the current versions.

Sometimes, this process can be rather complicated, but in the end it is well worth the effort. Not only will you make this stream in particular work that much better, but you will likely be fixing an issue that your computer has been struggling with for some time. This can and will affect many other parts of your computer’s performance, so it is best to really fix anything that crops up like this. How will you know if it is a driver or codec issue, though? Well, very commonly this is what keeps sound from coming through at all, so if you can’t receive the audio stream at all, this is the very first thing you want to check. If you can hear the audio, but your video, browser, or entire system crashes, that is more than likely a driver issue and may require you to update your graphics drivers as well, as they sometime overlap sound drivers. If no crashes are happening, but you are having trouble getting the video to play at all, it is very likely something to do with a codec or plugin. The most common plugin for streaming video remains Flash, and we get more into the details of that below.

Reinstalling Flash and Resetting Its Preferences

“Try reinstalling flash to solve the audio issues”

Flash is both one of the most common forms you will find your cams streamed in as well as the source of most problems for both audio and video issues. Unfortunately, the two do go hand in hand, so it is best to become familiar with what to expect from this plugin and how to go about ripping it out of your system and removing preferences that might be junking things up. It doesn’t matter ifyou are on the top MILF cam site available, or lurking on one of the lower rated sites, if you are loading video and the audio isn’t syncing up, or just otherwise doing something weird, and updating the drivers hasn’t helped, look to Flash as the culprit.

Removing Flash is the first part of this step, and will likely involved having to download an uninstall program that can go after all of the bits and pieces it leaves behind. Adobe has one available on their website, although our experience has been that third party uninstallers are generally more aggressive at removing all traces, including the preferences. You do have to be careful about which of these programs you choose to use, of course, but that little bit of research should be nothing in comparison to the effort you put into getting to the right site cam site to begin with. Just make sure it does only what it says and rip everything out in one go. Disable any built in flash players if your browser has them, and then reboot your system. Once you are up and running again, navigate to the Adobe website and download the newest version of the Flash player for installation. Most of the time, this will fix any actual problems with the stream itself.

Installing a System Wide Equalizer

“Get the perfect sound”

Now, aside from straight up glitches, even the top MILF cam site can suffer from poor audio at the source. This can be due to any number of things, from a horrid environment to a bad mike, or just a soft girl. Whatever the case may be, it usually produces audio just fine, it just happens to be piss poor audio you don’t want to listen to. At least, we don’t. Unfortunately, Flash players and most variants used by live sex cam websites do not exactly have built in equalizers. In fact, most of the players are very basics only in regards to what you actually have control over. Usually, it’s limited to volume for streaming services.

There are ways around this lack of control, however, and that mostly comes down to installing a system wide software equalizer. Most of us do not have the hardware to be able to do this on hand, and the software itself is usually pretty easy to use overall. Just download the highest rated on you can find and install it on your system. For most of the time, you can just keep it off and not worry about using it. When you need to, however, you can tell it to kick in and either use a preset or adjust things using the sliders until it sounds better to you. Don’t rely on what other people suggest, either, since what sounds good to you is going to vary from person to person. If you are a sucker for slutty mature women, then do check this Jasmin Review: Does It Really Deliver on Hot Cam Entertainment? It is one of the best source for live sex.

Email the Site Admins

Of course there is only so much you can do when the source itself is suffering something awful. If that is the case, however, there is also a very good chance that the site operators are not aware it is a problem. Not everyone pays attention to the audio, for one, and even those who might think it sounds bad may not be aware that it is not actually supposed to sound that way. So try shooting customer service an email or just mentioning it in chat to the performer. You never know what might make them replace the equipment.

Is Managing Emails A Hassle? These Top 5 Apps Don’t Think So!

Life these days has already been quite fast-paced. Everyone seems to always have something to do and too little time. Even managing emails has been quite a hassle, especially to those who rely on their emails for their jobs. But those days are gone, though. With the aid of reliable email managing apps, one can already conveniently check their message and receive notifications directly through their smartphones – anytime and anywhere.

  1. Gmail

For those loyal Google users, a Gmail app has already been developed and launched for Android phones. This email manager gives its users a pleasantly neat interface that is easy to navigate through and offers speedy operations in just one click. This is so since the navigation buttons are already lined up in a simple drop menu. This just shows that you won’t have any confusion finding your way through the app. With Gmail, managing emails would just be as easy as a tap of your finger.

  1. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail users would most certainly love the idea that the email service already has an app available in the market. It also offers to configure several accounts easily in just one app. This app is easy and comfortable to use, as well. If you want to include attachments in your email, though, you can always make use of the Yahoo messenger app, as it is conveniently integrated with your email contacts.

Setup of Mail (Droid/Android OS)

Setup of Mail (Droid/Android OS)

  1. K-9 Mail

This app is made immensely to keep track of various accounts in just a single application. How’s that for an email manager? Setting up an account is also as convenient a process as managing your emails in the app. It has a user-friendly interface, equipped with customizable settings for your preference, which you could easily get used to in no time. Now, you wouldn’t have to check your various emails one by one.

  1. MailDroid

This app’s clean interface will put you in awe as it boasts its highly responsive and smooth capacity, as well. With that, you can easily make your own custom rules to manage your accounts. Plus, it also allows an SD card storage, which will further increase the space you need for your emails. Managing multiple accounts has never been this easy.

MailDroid - Email Application

MailDroid – Email Application

  1. Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is one email managing app that will truly help you accomplish your tasks through your emails. Its advanced features contain different widgets that work by notifying you about your most important to-do’s without having the need to open the app.

If you’ve ever thought that handling various accounts has always gotten to your nerves, download any of these top five apps and see them work wonders with your emails. With these apps managing your emails will never be a problem.  

5 Books To Read Following A Breakup

Losing someone you love is never easy. Breakups can take its toll on anyone. Instead of being effective, people find themselves stuck in one corner doing nothing. They tend to think of the breakup too much that they end up becoming depressed. Breakups may be hard for anybody, but you can survive one by diverting your attention to family and friends. It’s also a great idea to read books. Here are 5 books you ought to read following a breakup:

  1. DUMPED by Maryjane Fahey and Caryn Beth Rosenthal

If you can’t seem to move on no matter what you do, this book should be your first choice. This book will help you move on and realize that the breakup isn’t worth your tears. Sometimes people just need someone to tell them the hard truth straight to their faces. If you don’t have a friend or family who can do it, then this book will do it for you.

DUMPED Breakup Book survival guide

DUMPED Breakup Book survival guide

  1. Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

Read this book and you’ll surely feel much better. You’ll get a lot of tips that you can apply to your life. It reminds you that someone out there has bigger problems than you, and they’re just fine. Thus, there’s really no reason for you not to be okay.

Books To Read After a Break up

Books To Read After a Break up

  1. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

One reason why people can’t move on is all they think about is the breakup. This book will give you a lot of information that are more interesting than your recent heartbreak. It will also make you realize that the world has more things to offer and there are more important questions that require answers. The book is an effective tool to keep your mind off the breakup.

  1. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

It’s typical for egos to get hurt after breakups. Get this book and expect to get your ego back too. You’ll learn how to become more objective and realize that what really matters today is your happiness.

  1. The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Undoubtedly one of the most popular series of all time, Harry Potter will keep you busy that you won’t have time to think about the breakup. When you start with the first book, you’ll ultimately find your way to the remaining six. If you don’t want to go out just yet, you can lock yourself up and prepare to open up your imagination to Harry’s world.

People respond to breakups differently. Some can easily move on while others need all the help they can get just to keep their sanity intact. Although picking yourself up following a breakup isn’t something that happens overnight, you simply can’t give up. You got to keep going. Grab these 5 books and you’ll find yourself smiling once again in on time.

Stretching – What Would Be The Benefits And Exercises

Stretching is a form of exercise, which involves elongating a muscles or muscle group. If you don’t have to for a workout, stretching could also help improve your health and reduce stress. By doing at least 10-15 minutes few times a day, you could still burn calories and improve your flexibility and blood flow.

If the question is what are the benefits? There would be a lot of benefits that you can get into stretching and getting flexible that following:

1. Reduce Back Pain

Since stretching is known for relaxing the muscles, one of the benefits is to lessen the lower back pain. This is cause of sitting in a longer span or doing activities that could trigger pain or stress. Being flexible on hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, and other muscles can reduce pain and stress and preventing the tightening of the muscles which causes pain.

Question of the Week: The Benefits of Stretching Exercises

Question of the Week: The Benefits of Stretching Exercises

2. Posture

Static stretching is one exercise that would help muscular balance and can improve your coordination and balance, and if this is developed it can lower your risk for falls.

3. Circulation

This would also increase your blood flow and brings more nourishment to the muscles. This will result to flush out of waste byproducts from the muscles and could speed the recovery of joint injuries to the muscles.

Benefits Of  Stretching Exercises

Benefits Of Stretching Exercises

Stretching also have precautions, it means never to push your body beyond limits. If you feel pain or hurt during stretching exercises that means you are pushing too far. The following are stretching workouts that would depend on your fitness levels:

1. Side Lunge Touching Heel

Take the right elbow and bring it as close to your hell as possible while lounging with your right leg. By touching your heel with the opposite hand, make sure to open up the hips while trying to touch your heel with the elbow.

2. Straight Leg Kicks

This brings you to stability and a hamstring stretch. Just make sure not to kick to kick too hard.

3. Full Warm Up

Starting warm up is the most important part of every exercise. Start with a low aerobic activity such as walking, run on a treadmill for 5-10 minutes just to prepare your muscles and to prevent injury.

4. Knee to Chest

This would bring up your knee to your chest and raising the opposite foot on the ground. This would accentuate the stretch of your knees.

5. Circling Arms

Shoulders are the largest range of motion of any joint of the body, and making circles around and backwards for several times and can also add more advancement by holding dumbbells or 10lbs plates.

This is an essential part of any fitness program. This would warm up your muscles and can give you the edge for strength, endurance, and speed. Doing this kind of flexibility training can improve you physically and could minimize pain on you body.

Save On Your Cell Phone Bills With These 3 Ways

Do you freak out each time you receive your monthly cell phone bill? Is it too much for your budget? If it is, then it’s time you do something about it. There are a lot of ways for you to save on your monthly bill, and some of them are kept secret by your providers. Thus, if you want to spend less, make sure that you take note of these 3 ways to save on your bill.

  1. Haggle and ask for a much better deal

You should learn to take advantage of the tight competition between cell phone companies. Learn the art of haggling and you should be able to get a better deal. Cell phone providers will do what they can to get you or retain your subscription.

Mobile phone nightmares: The industry needs to treat customers better

Mobile phone nightmares: The industry needs to treat customers better

Also, you have to remember that cell phone plans change often. What you chose 6 months ago may not be the best deal available today. You won’t know about that because your provider won’t tell you. Thus, when you call them, don’t forget to ask about current promotions as well as any changes that can help you save on your bill.

  1. Look for new family members

Do you know that cell phone companies will still give you a good family plan even if the subscribers are not blood related? You’ll save a substantial amount when you’re on a family plan, so try to look for friends, neighbors, and even roommates who’re interested to join you. Make sure that you trust these people.

12 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

12 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

How much you’ll save depends on the plan that you choose. Then again, it’s so much better than being on a single line. You can even enjoy a nice smartphone with a data plan when you’re on a family plan without spending a fortune. If you decide to get a single line, that same amount will only give you a simple phone without any data.

  1. Switch to prepaid

A lot of people don’t like the idea of using prepaid. Maybe you feel the same away. However, if you’re serious about cutting down your phone bills, the best thing to do is to switch to prepaid. If you don’t use your phone too much, a prepaid line will cost you much less than a conventional contract. Just make sure that you’ve read everything there is to know about prepaid lines such as expiration dates and other fees.

There are so many bills that people have to pay each month. Since mobile phones have become the primary source of communication for many, it is important to allocate part of your budget to your mobile phone bill. It doesn’t have to be a big amount of money. There are a lot of ways to save and it’s up to you to make a move. You may haggle, switch to a family plan, or go prepaid. 

Pull Off A Budget-Friendly SEO

Basically, internet users do some sort of probing, typing words or phrases in the search and after point milliseconds, related results in the form of links are displayed. How does that happen?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of organizing a web page through the use of keywords that will shove contents of your site on a page of search engines according to your rank. The target is to make use of keywords in distinct contents to earn the trust of a search engine in order for you to increase your ranking and land expectantly on the first page every time a user seeks for any specified term. People today widely use Google as their search engine, to the extent that it has become a verb and a default solution to problems or queries that need immediate answers effortlessly, and I quote, “When in doubt, Google that shit.”

5 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Blog

5 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Blog

Now if you are someone who is aching for a successful website, you obviously need some tweaking in your site by using SEO. On a tight budget? No worries. Here are 3 ways to perform SEO without causing damage to your pocket.

Use keyword tools to magnetize users

Keywords are the crux of SEO and there are various programs that act as catalysts on your site. They power up the search results and suggestions, thus thrusting your rank in the results. Google AdWords as well as Wordpot have free versions, so you don’t have to bother funding this very powerful tactic to improve your site.

The contents mean everything

Putting irrelevant contents won’t do any good to your site, just for the sake of ranking. Users may or may not like what they would land on as it is not relevant to their search. If you are currently using web analytics, you’ll notice increased number of seekers but won’t stay much long in your site. The essence is to keep them lurking at your page because you are providing them information, products, or services they essential need as of the moment.

Create other blogs and comment on different blogs

Notice that if you sign up to other blog sites like Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress, your url automatically yields in searches. So the best way to enhance your SEO is to create blogs from these sites and then generate a teaser of your post with “read more here” link leading to your original website. Also, commenting on posts by bloggers will get you a page rank to roll over your site.

It’s Good for SEO

It’s Good for SEO

The point is, if your page does not come forth on the first page of Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), there is a high likelihood that users may not bother clicking the next page and transact with your rivals. Users may be under the impression of first-page result reliability. So what are you waiting for? Get that SEO hoisting your favorable outcomes!