The Top 5 Things Men Wish They Knew When They Were Deciding to Have an Affair

Contrary to what a lot of movies show us, most men don’t somehow stumble into affairs. We choose to get into them. Maybe we want more sex, maybe we want more excitement. Our reasons don’t matter so much as the end result: sooner or later, we all decided to go looking for an affair. Once you do that it’s very easy to find one. All you have to do is hop online, read some married fling site reviews and find the hottest woman in Scotland willing to be your bit on the side. That’s the easy part. Rather than run into the rough parts on your own, why don’t you take a look at these five things men wish they knew when they were deciding to have an affair. They will help guide and shape the affair that you actually end up having.

It’s Easy to Get Too Comfortable

“Men and women both get comfortable easily in an affair”

How many men do you know who were caught cheating on their first date? No one, right? That’s because when you’re first starting your affair you’re cautious. You double check that you logged out of all your emails. You don’t give the woman your real name and you don’t check your online profile from your smartphone. Everything feels like a dirty little secret and you’re extra vigilant to make sure that your wife never finds out. The paranoia passes quickly, unfortunately. You go out on a few dates and the world doesn’t end. You start to have fun. You think that you can see this woman on the side and have your wife at home and no one’s the wiser. You get comfortable, then you get lazy, then you start making basic mistakes. You start letting your mistress call you at home. You start leaving your email logged in even when you’re gone. Soon enough your wife is following you to your date night restaurant to publically confront you. It’s easy to get comfortable so make sure that you’re paranoid from the start.

Don’t Lie Unless You Have To

“Don’t lie unless it is really important to lie”

Men can’t help but lie. It is true in the case of adult hookups online. Visit and read married fling website reviews where you will find that most men lie in relationships. We are not saying that you need to stop lying; lies are great when used in moderation. Use them too much and you’ll be caught in your own web. Every lie you tell is a story that you have to remember. The bigger the lie, the more likely it will come up again. Over time you’re going to run out of lies and out of ways to go. If your wife doesn’t ask where you’ve been, don’t go out of your way to tell her. Save that lie for when you need it. If you’ve thought of a whole cover story and she doesn’t ask you any follow up questions just let it go. It can be hard for a man to move on if he’s committed himself to telling a lie, but it’s in your best interests to keep things as simple as possible.

Omission is the better way to lie if you find that you must. Don’t say something false, just leave out something that’s true. Tell her that you stayed late at the office if you did; don’t tell her that you spent half that time doing paperwork and the other half with your coworker on your desk, doing her instead. The simpler and cleaner you can keep your lies the better off you’ll be and omission is the cleanest lie there is.

Multiple Is Better than Steady

“Having an affair with multiple women will help you not to fall in love”

This simple truth of the cheating world is brought to you by simple emotional truth. The affairs that men get caught in aren’t the physical affairs. They’re the ones that carry emotional weight. Those are the affairs that you take risks for. If you think that you’re in love with a woman you’ll do anything to see her, even if your wife is onto you. If you find yourself getting attached to a fling, replace her. This sounds harsh. In many ways it is harsh, but it’s how you protect yourself. If you think you could be falling in love you should read some married fling site reviews and pick out a new hunting ground. Then head online to find the woman you’re going to get your mind off of everything that you think you might be feeling. Affairs should come and go. That way you get variety, the spice of life, and you can try tons of different women with less risk. It’s far easier to meet with a woman a time or two and then break it off than to carry on one affair for years without either of you developing feelings. For one thing, if you’ve been cheating on your wife with one specific woman for years it’s going to be a very nasty break up when it finally happens.

It Can Improve Your Marriage

“An affair will help you to know what women want in bed”

Cheating can actually improve your marriage. Regular sex will distress you and will take a lot of the resentment out of the relationship. You’ll finally be able to think about something other than all the sex that you’re not having. You’ll be able to see the things that you like about your wife again, and you won’t be seeing the world through “haven’t gotten laid in awhile” glasses, which make your wife look like a shrew and every other woman in the world look heavenly. Get rid of all of that build up and you’ll find that you’re able to laugh together again. You’ll be able to emotionally reinvest in your wife and can come out happier than ever. A terrible sex life makes a man irritable and bitter. A great one makes anything seem great: even your marriage.

It’s More Common than You Think

A lot of men feel like they can’t tell any of their friends about the affair. You shouldn’t go bragging about it, or telling casual acquaintances, but a lot of men cheat. If you’re the type who needs to confide in someone find a man you trust absolutely and you might hear a surprising answer in return. There’s also a big market for fling sites for married men. That’s why you should always read some married fling site reviews before you pick the sites that you’re going to settle down at. These sites are the most important thing when it comes to your future dating life. You want to make the right choices with them. Even just in Scotland it’s estimated that one out of every three men will cheat on his wife. It’s one out of five women that will cheat, so don’t let a woman tell you that the fair sex is genetically predisposed to be faithful. There are cheaters of all stripes and most of them are heading online for easy hookups. It’s a good place to start when you want a manual for how to cheat.

The fact that a lot of men cheat gives confidence to those who have never done it before. Despite the horror stories that you’ve seen in books and movies there are often few or no consequences. Keep your affairs in order, maintain your first blush of paranoia and you’ll reduce the odds that someone will stumble upon your secret. Hopefully these facts will help smooth the way for you when you decide to cheat. These things will inform the way that you go about cheating and how you feel about it and yourself while you do it. These are things that you’re bound to have learned along the way but, hopefully, you’ve been spared the time and energy of having to do that yourself.

Be Nice to the Waiter: How the Little Things on Dates Add Up in Her Head

“Be nice to the waiter”

Even when you’re on the popular fling dating sites looking for some women to have casual fun with, you don’t want to throw your manners out the window. Women say they’re looking for fun-loving, extroverted guys, or even the brooding introvert type, but that doesn’t mean they’re looking for someone with the social graces of a spoiled two-year-old. You might consider yourself a well-mannered gentleman, but here are some little things that will stick out in her mind on dates, maybe even more than grand gestures of flowers and chocolate.

Like We Just Said, Be Nice to the Waiter

“Don’t be rude to the waiter, she may be judging you”

American columnist Dave Berry once said, “If someone is nice to you but rude to the waiter, they are not a nice person.” Speaks for itself, doesn’t it? It’s now pretty well-accepted wisdom that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality and moral character by how they treat someone who’s their inferior, or whose paycheck depends on how well they can put up with abuse.

If you’re flippant or rude to someone who’s just trying to do their job and help you have a pleasant meal, she’s not going to be impressed. For god’s sake, don’t clap when a waitress drops plates, you’ll look like an immature teenager. Be friendly and pleasant, but don’t try talking their ear off, you’re going to make them late for their other tables. Similarly, if you’re overly-picky or overly-demanding in your meal specifications, heaping tons of additions, subtractions, and substitutions on your hapless server, you’re going to look like a fussy old man. Its fine to have allergies and other dietary restrictions, but you might want to try calling ahead to sort that out beforehand if you have really severe limitations, or just order something off the menu that you can handle with the fewest modifications.

Unless you get some severely bad service, when you’re on a date with a woman, you really just want to handle it with a smile and some good grace. Order gets messed up? Don’t be afraid to send it back to be corrected, but don’t be upset with the waiter. It could be his fault, it could have been the kitchen, but losing your cool in front of your date will make her lose respect for you at best, and scare her at the worst. If things stack on top of each other past the limits of your good graces, run it past your date first if you want to talk to a manager. If she’d rather not, let it drop for now, especially if it’s a first date. Be a gentleman and put her comfort first and you can take names of waitstaff and management to call or come back later to discuss the treatment you received.

So what has this treatment of the waitstaff said about you to her? These little things like general politeness, patience, and good humor when things go wrong, will speak far louder for you when they’re directed at someone you have no real stake in trying to impress. It will only favorably impact her view of you.

Be Decisive

“Show your decision making skills to her”

So, uh, you want to go out for something sometime? No? Okay, uh, maybe some other time with something else?

Yeah, you get the idea. When you want to ask a woman out, be specific. Give her a time and place, and an exact thing to do. If she’s busy that day, reschedule. If she’s not interested in that exact thing, offer something else. Especially if you’re chatting with her on popular fling dating sites like, she’s probably got a half dozen other guys pounding down her door with those same vague offers of doing something sometime. You’ll come across as decisive, which women like, and confident. Additionally, you’ll stand out if you offer her something specific, and especially so if you can find something tailored to her interests, or a shared interest of yours. She mentions on her profile that she’s into a certain kind of music? See if there’s any band from that genre playing around you, and offer to treat her to a concert that weekend. It’s an easy way to show that you’re confident, and an easy way to show her that you actually read her profile, unlike most of the other guys that are trying to get into her pants.Although, if she has a profile on a site like BangBuddy then she is looking for men who want to get into her pants. You must read the hookup review of this popular fling dating site and check the comparison before making a decision.

Let Her Talk, and Make Sure You Listen to It

“Listen to whatever she is talking about”

Most guys have heard the first part of this advice, at the very least. Yapping her ear off all date and only talking about yourself is rude, and most guys know that. Whether or not they follow that advice is another thing altogether. If your date is quiet, you’re welcome to try to lead the conversation, but make sure it’s still not you just talking about your job. Money and politics are the two biggest danger zones when talking with anyone, and it’s best to avoid the topics altogether to avoid any fights. If she’s quiet, try getting her to open up by bringing up something she’s interested in from her profile. If she’s still only answering you with yes and no, you can try a related anecdote of your own. For example, if her profile says she’s interested in fantasy novels, bring up the last one you read, or ask her for some recommendations. If she’s still clammed up, she might be shy, or she might not be interested in you. Don’t push her into talking either way.

If she’s willing to talk and lead the conversation, don’t just sit there while she talks and tune her out while you try to use x-ray vision to look through her shirt. It’s rude, she’ll notice, and you’ll be back browsing popular fling dating sites before you can insist that you totally were listening. Listen to her while she talks, and ask questions. You’re bound to have something you’re both interested in and can have a two-way conversation about, or she’s bound to have a few interesting stories that you’d be happy to listen to. If she rambles on about something that you just can’t even pretend to come up with interest or questions for, try gently steering the conversation to something else. If she doesn’t take the hint, well, you can still be a gentleman about it. Maintain eye contact and make interested noises every so often. Lie back and think of England. The little gesture of you letting her lead the conversation, showing interest in what she has to say, and not trying to stare down her shirt while she talks, will put you far ahead of what she’s experienced with most other guys.

These little gestures and mannerisms will speak for you way louder than other clich things that others suggest. Sure, you can open doors for her and give her a dozen roses every date, but those are pretty empty gestures coming from someone who’s a douche to the waitress and won’t let his date get a word in edgewise while he blabs about how much he makes at his job. Take this advice and the underlying personality traits they talk about to heart, and you’ll find that women will react very positively to the prospect of a second date with you.

Is Managing Emails A Hassle? These Top 5 Apps Don’t Think So!

Life these days has already been quite fast-paced. Everyone seems to always have something to do and too little time. Even managing emails has been quite a hassle, especially to those who rely on their emails for their jobs. But those days are gone, though. With the aid of reliable email managing apps, one can already conveniently check their message and receive notifications directly through their smartphones – anytime and anywhere.

  1. Gmail

For those loyal Google users, a Gmail app has already been developed and launched for Android phones. This email manager gives its users a pleasantly neat interface that is easy to navigate through and offers speedy operations in just one click. This is so since the navigation buttons are already lined up in a simple drop menu. This just shows that you won’t have any confusion finding your way through the app. With Gmail, managing emails would just be as easy as a tap of your finger.

  1. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail users would most certainly love the idea that the email service already has an app available in the market. It also offers to configure several accounts easily in just one app. This app is easy and comfortable to use, as well. If you want to include attachments in your email, though, you can always make use of the Yahoo messenger app, as it is conveniently integrated with your email contacts.

Setup of Mail (Droid/Android OS)

Setup of Mail (Droid/Android OS)

  1. K-9 Mail

This app is made immensely to keep track of various accounts in just a single application. How’s that for an email manager? Setting up an account is also as convenient a process as managing your emails in the app. It has a user-friendly interface, equipped with customizable settings for your preference, which you could easily get used to in no time. Now, you wouldn’t have to check your various emails one by one.

  1. MailDroid

This app’s clean interface will put you in awe as it boasts its highly responsive and smooth capacity, as well. With that, you can easily make your own custom rules to manage your accounts. Plus, it also allows an SD card storage, which will further increase the space you need for your emails. Managing multiple accounts has never been this easy.

MailDroid - Email Application

MailDroid – Email Application

  1. Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is one email managing app that will truly help you accomplish your tasks through your emails. Its advanced features contain different widgets that work by notifying you about your most important to-do’s without having the need to open the app.

If you’ve ever thought that handling various accounts has always gotten to your nerves, download any of these top five apps and see them work wonders with your emails. With these apps managing your emails will never be a problem.  

5 Books To Read Following A Breakup

Losing someone you love is never easy. Breakups can take its toll on anyone. Instead of being effective, people find themselves stuck in one corner doing nothing. They tend to think of the breakup too much that they end up becoming depressed. Breakups may be hard for anybody, but you can survive one by diverting your attention to family and friends. It’s also a great idea to read books. Here are 5 books you ought to read following a breakup:

  1. DUMPED by Maryjane Fahey and Caryn Beth Rosenthal

If you can’t seem to move on no matter what you do, this book should be your first choice. This book will help you move on and realize that the breakup isn’t worth your tears. Sometimes people just need someone to tell them the hard truth straight to their faces. If you don’t have a friend or family who can do it, then this book will do it for you.

DUMPED Breakup Book survival guide

DUMPED Breakup Book survival guide

  1. Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

Read this book and you’ll surely feel much better. You’ll get a lot of tips that you can apply to your life. It reminds you that someone out there has bigger problems than you, and they’re just fine. Thus, there’s really no reason for you not to be okay.

Books To Read After a Break up

Books To Read After a Break up

  1. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

One reason why people can’t move on is all they think about is the breakup. This book will give you a lot of information that are more interesting than your recent heartbreak. It will also make you realize that the world has more things to offer and there are more important questions that require answers. The book is an effective tool to keep your mind off the breakup.

  1. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

It’s typical for egos to get hurt after breakups. Get this book and expect to get your ego back too. You’ll learn how to become more objective and realize that what really matters today is your happiness.

  1. The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Undoubtedly one of the most popular series of all time, Harry Potter will keep you busy that you won’t have time to think about the breakup. When you start with the first book, you’ll ultimately find your way to the remaining six. If you don’t want to go out just yet, you can lock yourself up and prepare to open up your imagination to Harry’s world.

People respond to breakups differently. Some can easily move on while others need all the help they can get just to keep their sanity intact. Although picking yourself up following a breakup isn’t something that happens overnight, you simply can’t give up. You got to keep going. Grab these 5 books and you’ll find yourself smiling once again in on time.

Stretching – What Would Be The Benefits And Exercises

Stretching is a form of exercise, which involves elongating a muscles or muscle group. If you don’t have to for a workout, stretching could also help improve your health and reduce stress. By doing at least 10-15 minutes few times a day, you could still burn calories and improve your flexibility and blood flow.

If the question is what are the benefits? There would be a lot of benefits that you can get into stretching and getting flexible that following:

1. Reduce Back Pain

Since stretching is known for relaxing the muscles, one of the benefits is to lessen the lower back pain. This is cause of sitting in a longer span or doing activities that could trigger pain or stress. Being flexible on hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, and other muscles can reduce pain and stress and preventing the tightening of the muscles which causes pain.

Question of the Week: The Benefits of Stretching Exercises

Question of the Week: The Benefits of Stretching Exercises

2. Posture

Static stretching is one exercise that would help muscular balance and can improve your coordination and balance, and if this is developed it can lower your risk for falls.

3. Circulation

This would also increase your blood flow and brings more nourishment to the muscles. This will result to flush out of waste byproducts from the muscles and could speed the recovery of joint injuries to the muscles.

Benefits Of  Stretching Exercises

Benefits Of Stretching Exercises

Stretching also have precautions, it means never to push your body beyond limits. If you feel pain or hurt during stretching exercises that means you are pushing too far. The following are stretching workouts that would depend on your fitness levels:

1. Side Lunge Touching Heel

Take the right elbow and bring it as close to your hell as possible while lounging with your right leg. By touching your heel with the opposite hand, make sure to open up the hips while trying to touch your heel with the elbow.

2. Straight Leg Kicks

This brings you to stability and a hamstring stretch. Just make sure not to kick to kick too hard.

3. Full Warm Up

Starting warm up is the most important part of every exercise. Start with a low aerobic activity such as walking, run on a treadmill for 5-10 minutes just to prepare your muscles and to prevent injury.

4. Knee to Chest

This would bring up your knee to your chest and raising the opposite foot on the ground. This would accentuate the stretch of your knees.

5. Circling Arms

Shoulders are the largest range of motion of any joint of the body, and making circles around and backwards for several times and can also add more advancement by holding dumbbells or 10lbs plates.

This is an essential part of any fitness program. This would warm up your muscles and can give you the edge for strength, endurance, and speed. Doing this kind of flexibility training can improve you physically and could minimize pain on you body.

Save On Your Cell Phone Bills With These 3 Ways

Do you freak out each time you receive your monthly cell phone bill? Is it too much for your budget? If it is, then it’s time you do something about it. There are a lot of ways for you to save on your monthly bill, and some of them are kept secret by your providers. Thus, if you want to spend less, make sure that you take note of these 3 ways to save on your bill.

  1. Haggle and ask for a much better deal

You should learn to take advantage of the tight competition between cell phone companies. Learn the art of haggling and you should be able to get a better deal. Cell phone providers will do what they can to get you or retain your subscription.

Mobile phone nightmares: The industry needs to treat customers better

Mobile phone nightmares: The industry needs to treat customers better

Also, you have to remember that cell phone plans change often. What you chose 6 months ago may not be the best deal available today. You won’t know about that because your provider won’t tell you. Thus, when you call them, don’t forget to ask about current promotions as well as any changes that can help you save on your bill.

  1. Look for new family members

Do you know that cell phone companies will still give you a good family plan even if the subscribers are not blood related? You’ll save a substantial amount when you’re on a family plan, so try to look for friends, neighbors, and even roommates who’re interested to join you. Make sure that you trust these people.

12 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

12 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

How much you’ll save depends on the plan that you choose. Then again, it’s so much better than being on a single line. You can even enjoy a nice smartphone with a data plan when you’re on a family plan without spending a fortune. If you decide to get a single line, that same amount will only give you a simple phone without any data.

  1. Switch to prepaid

A lot of people don’t like the idea of using prepaid. Maybe you feel the same away. However, if you’re serious about cutting down your phone bills, the best thing to do is to switch to prepaid. If you don’t use your phone too much, a prepaid line will cost you much less than a conventional contract. Just make sure that you’ve read everything there is to know about prepaid lines such as expiration dates and other fees.

There are so many bills that people have to pay each month. Since mobile phones have become the primary source of communication for many, it is important to allocate part of your budget to your mobile phone bill. It doesn’t have to be a big amount of money. There are a lot of ways to save and it’s up to you to make a move. You may haggle, switch to a family plan, or go prepaid. 

Pull Off A Budget-Friendly SEO

Basically, internet users do some sort of probing, typing words or phrases in the search and after point milliseconds, related results in the form of links are displayed. How does that happen?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of organizing a web page through the use of keywords that will shove contents of your site on a page of search engines according to your rank. The target is to make use of keywords in distinct contents to earn the trust of a search engine in order for you to increase your ranking and land expectantly on the first page every time a user seeks for any specified term. People today widely use Google as their search engine, to the extent that it has become a verb and a default solution to problems or queries that need immediate answers effortlessly, and I quote, “When in doubt, Google that shit.”

5 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Blog

5 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Blog

Now if you are someone who is aching for a successful website, you obviously need some tweaking in your site by using SEO. On a tight budget? No worries. Here are 3 ways to perform SEO without causing damage to your pocket.

Use keyword tools to magnetize users

Keywords are the crux of SEO and there are various programs that act as catalysts on your site. They power up the search results and suggestions, thus thrusting your rank in the results. Google AdWords as well as Wordpot have free versions, so you don’t have to bother funding this very powerful tactic to improve your site.

The contents mean everything

Putting irrelevant contents won’t do any good to your site, just for the sake of ranking. Users may or may not like what they would land on as it is not relevant to their search. If you are currently using web analytics, you’ll notice increased number of seekers but won’t stay much long in your site. The essence is to keep them lurking at your page because you are providing them information, products, or services they essential need as of the moment.

Create other blogs and comment on different blogs

Notice that if you sign up to other blog sites like Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress, your url automatically yields in searches. So the best way to enhance your SEO is to create blogs from these sites and then generate a teaser of your post with “read more here” link leading to your original website. Also, commenting on posts by bloggers will get you a page rank to roll over your site.

It’s Good for SEO

It’s Good for SEO

The point is, if your page does not come forth on the first page of Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), there is a high likelihood that users may not bother clicking the next page and transact with your rivals. Users may be under the impression of first-page result reliability. So what are you waiting for? Get that SEO hoisting your favorable outcomes!